What kind of paint?


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Viki wants to paint her go-kart hot pink and I'm curious as to what a good paint to use is.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Pink Paint

PPG has The official Pink Panther pink. Very much bubblegum color. The photo of the Prowler I sent you is that color. I can get you the code if you would like.
Are you going to use the Kart Enough to warrent spending a ton of cash on the paint?

Look into having it powder coated. I'll bet its just a tad more than paint.

Or if it was my kart and I wanted it pink :) And I wanted to drive it in the woods....

Id use 4-5 cans of Krylon 3533 watermelon outdoor paint and Then clearcoat it with duplicolor EFFEX clearcoat.

Im sure you could do the whole cart for $40.


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thanks for the replies.

dennis, im in between spending a ton of cash on paint/powder coating.

I'd like it to look nice, and most importantly teach viki how to paint with a gun and such.

I was looking into the PPG stuff - so we'll see what happens.
I use Dupont and Nason(Dupont's plain label + just as good) nothing against PPG but I have no PPG stores in the area. I only use urethane