What the heck did I just buy??...lol.

I was told it was a Tule Trooper...but it sure doesn't look like one. It has a two speed manual shift transmission operated by a cable and lever that sorta works, and the engine has been replaced. ( I have the old one and what looks to be the headlight and tail light that came with it.) I just picked it up at a vintage motorcycle swap meet for $300.00 last weekend. I sure would appreciate any help. I am trying to find brochures. Owner's manual, repar manual..etc. Any info anyone has would be great.. Thanks. (Btw..nice site.)

20190824_135914.jpg 20190824_135905.jpg 20190824_135849.jpg 20190824_135834.jpg
Awesome! Thank you very much Markus! And thank you a bunch for that link to the brochures!

Anyone have any idea where I could possible download or buy an owner's or repair manual? I want to use this as a hunting rig, so since it needs a little TLC, any factory manuals would be a huge help.
Yep, and it bounces like the dickens over rough terrain...lol.. The two speed transmission is not the greatest, it's a pain trying to figure out how to shift it and get it into neutral, but it runs well. Someone removed the metal basket off of the back of mine, and replaced the motor. I got the old motor (it runs), a headlight, and a tail light, spare carb, and a few other odds and ends with it. I'm gonna put a milk crate or a hand made wooden box on the back with a padded lid that latches on for a passenger. Gotta figure out how to mount something on it to hold a rifle or two while I'm out hunting. I was maybe thinking of a rifle scabbard on the right side like the old WWII army motorcycles or like a rifle is carried in a scabbard on horseback.
Thanks a lot for the mailer pictures Dick DeBuse...I really appreciate that!

BTW everyone..the wifey took it out for a spin the other day. She said it was OK...but she would rather have a 4 wheeled ATV. I guess I can see her point. I doubt if she will ever understand my need to find old stuff like this and to rescue them. I have 4 harleys and they are all older ones that were in sad shape until I took the time and effort to restore them, Same with my old GMC truck. Half the fun is going to swap meets, junkyards, and searching online to find all of the parts and pieces. The other half is making them come back to life running and looking like they are brand new. I don't know if I am going to get busy restoring the Trail King though. The wife has been looking real hard to find a decent 200-300 cc Quad for hunting. She started shooting a few years back with a pistol, has her concealed carry permit, and now she wants to go out hunting with me. We will see I guess. If I decide to let it go, I will post it on here for everyone. I also got a big box of spare parts for minibikes and go carts I probably should let go with it if I decide to sell it.