What type of plastic are Tecumseh gas tanks made of?

Trying to see if there is a proper bonding agent to spray a plastic tank with to allow a yellowed tank to be painted white again.

Considering spraying with SprayMax 2K clear first, then color, then the same clear.


I've done a few using single stage ureathane summit white. Held up great for two years then I had left a few bikes with ethanol 10% gas in them for around 9 months, the plastic tec painted tank got bubbles on the top and a beautiful fiberglass tank 125crazy made me with caswell in it as well as a metal tank coated with caswell's dragon blood Peeled from it. We now have a QT station that sells non ethanol gas and no more problems.


Jeff, painting is not a long term solution. If you are using the tank and fueling, eventually it will develop micro cracks in the paint and allow fuel and then bubbling in the paint. I do a lot of painting, and we've had the "cross linked polymer" and HDP conversations here before. :)

On the internet, you will find several sites and videos that illustrate using "saloon care" hair product to get yellowed plastic back to white. I tried this last year, and it worked pretty well. Not perfectly, but good enough that the old tank did not look too bad on a freshly painted arctic white urethane painted Tecumseh engine. The stuff is called "Saloon 40" and you can find it on Ebay. It's cheap and you don't need much of it. Apply it thick, the cover the tank with a plastic bag, (clear) or plastic wrap and leave it on the sun. The UV acts with the peroxide to bleach it white without damaging the plastic.

I tried the Salon 40 used in the link Dave mentioned. Took about half the yellowing out in two applications. (not sure the 2nd one helped)

I might try the the Salon 50 used in Cheezy's link.

Thanks for all the input !