Who is planning to build a mini in 2024?


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I have a roller frame, an engine, and a bunch of parts on the way from now till Monday.
But it isn't an old bike so not sure if I am supposed to post it on here. lol
You can post here, or start your very own build thread. But either way, post about it. Put up pics of parts, and progress!


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Been working on mine in the living room so I know what you mean.

Well welcome to the site, anyway, and the contest, altho I'm not in charge around here. Questions posted just about anywhere on here get answered pretty quick.

Where're are you located?

I think if you start your own thread you'll get more eye-ball traffic and commentary.
I started my build with the help of Skipp. Received a Bonanza frame with one wheel and a homemade seat. See the pics on where I have taken it. Hope to have it completed by Spring. Has a Briggs 206cc ready to be mounted in frame. Thank you Skipp and other members on the site for you guidance.
I finished the bike and now need to gear it down. Too fast for the nephews!