No pictures tonight. My wife told me I had to go to bed. I did manage to finish the seat. I shaved it 1 in the perforated it. I added 1/2 in gel then recovered it with standard ATV seat material

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More progress

I worked on the bike last night for a few more hours. I did some more assembly. I replaced all of the Chinese bearings with quality America made ones. I ended up making my own mount for the Trail Tech speedo out of diamond plate. I ended up using a Honda kit that came with the correct sensor that was needed for my application. I still have to make the offset for the sensor mount.

If I ever get my 1 in die for my air hydraulic tube bender I plan on making my own frames. I have a 2k bender I never used because I closed my motorcycle business

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I got a little more work done. I finished the mount for the Trail Tech speed sensor and magnet installed in the sprocket. I'm going to change out the hex for button heads as soon as I find some.

if you can hide a 9volt battery for the trailtech, would make the light stay on longer/brighter... once i put it back on the bike, this is what i will be using for now, till i figure out the rest of the electronics for the bike
Bike is almost done. My neighbor tried pull starting it but broke his arm when it kicked back:facepalm::facepalm: I told hime I need to re adjust the valve lash, but he couldn't wait. It is running and wants to consantly pull the front wheel up. Not sure how my 7 year old is going to ride it. I will post some pics and vids shortly. I have to finish my custom made Lipo pack I made to run the speedo and headlight.