WTB- Gilson/Wards Survivor

Looking to add another complete Gilson or rebrand:
Gilson 180, 185, 700, 701, 13966A, 13976A, 13977A
Wards 323, 424

Complete or near-complete examples only. Top money paid for unrestored w/OE engine running or not. Must be able to disassemble/box on your end and transport to a FedEX drop-point.
My 424 is nice and basic but something is gnawing at me to find a 323. I don't recall ever seeing one up for sale. My thinking is they were the "entry level" of the range and probably got in the hands of younger children who quickly turned them into disposable playtoys.
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There was a 323 for sale a while back. Luckily, the front end became the donor upper for my Trail Bike, and the wheels are in my Gilson pile along with the kick stand. The rest of it may have ended up in Arkansas.
^Yeah, I don't think a 323 is going to be finding me anytime soon. The stripper 525 on ebay now is a bust too- they have no desire to even allow a hauler on-site.

Let me put it out there though- if some soul on this forum is in a position to buy that 525 and re-sell it, I'd put up 6 bills.
Good luck, I asked about shipping on that ebay bike too. If I was in any position to buy it I would be sitting on 2 of them and starting my addition like ya'll.
^Luck? Well, perhaps there is nobody on this forum living near Jefferson City (wherever that is).

Let me up the proposal. I pay whoever it is to go rescue this thing from that chick, that someone can then have some fun with it for a while then disassemble it (for which I pay again) and I send FedEx for it.
And, with that said, it would seem to be a risk to drive to it only to find out the the unit isn't available. nds1968, I think a 12 hrs. drive, if in fact you are the one showing interest and you do in fact live in Pitt, is not in your best "interest".
I don't know anyone that lives near there :no: