WTB Powerdyne Parts and Literature

I am looking for parts for the bike shown below. I really need a gas tank, front fender with mounting bracket and the torque converter cover. I am also looking for a parts manuals, exploded views, etc. I will buy it or you can scan and send to me if you don't want sell. This bike is going to be a part of a build for an 8th grade class project. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Is it possible that Rupp had something to do with these builds? The swing arm looks awfully familiar to a Rupp as does the fuel tank in the ad. Note that the frame in the ad is a rigid also unlike yours. The seat can possibly be found with some ease as there were a load of purple NOS ones sold through eBay some time ago. That style of seat was used quite a bit on several brands. There isn't a lot of literature out there on Powerdynes. Good luck with your hunt.