WTB Taco or Steen anything


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Im after original taco parts. Reproduction would be okay i guess, but I’m after original mainly. Briggs 3-5hp engines dating from 65-73 80202 or 5 port west bend or ah47/58 engines. Double Indian head tires in new or old condition, taco wheels or 6” original tri-star wheels. Sprockets and drum brakes, ceriani shocks or forks, fork lowers and forks. Trail taker front end, Sebac shocks, seat, throttles, brake levers, kick stands and swing arms. Steen catalogs or gas tanks. Hodaka ace 100 Steens bike or the Zundap Matterhorn. I have a pile of frames and will probably start selling off the duplicates shortly, but I still have more I’m looking for. Please message me, email me, or call me.

If your into purchasing anything I have some stuff too, I know this is a wanted add but I’m killing two birds with one stone.

Thanks OMB!

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Looking for taco Minibike and Steens bike parts or complete bikes. Anything in relation to them.


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