Here's my before and after pictures.

I've been a mini bike and motorcycle fan my entire life. These photos are my most recent project, a Bird Engineering Nighthawk. I picked it up at a yard sale and it had set outside for a couple of decades....very rusted up, but it was still in good enough shape to restore. I recreated the number plate decal using a computer, a color printer, and a laminator. I am currently looking for a good OEM clutch cover (or close match), but not having much luck. I am thinking about building a fiberglass replica. Anyone else out there have a Bird Nighthawk and any tips on where to find a clutch cover? As for the carb, it was totally trashed, but I found a new carb with the exact same casting and then swapped out the choke lever and throttle lever with the old carb. I slapped a set of points in and not only did the old engine start, but it runs fantastic and doesn't smoke. I also need to find a replacement scrub brake pad.....the one on it is steel and it worn through in places. I will share one cool thing I discovered....the black plastic tank was faded and discolored....I used Black Shoe Polish paste and it looks new now! Since it's a wax base, I don't think the gas is going to hurt it a bit when I gas it up. I tried this on a whim.....ha ha...works well!
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