1. tommy102020

    Please help with brakes

    I have a 1976 Nighthawk and need a new rear brake pad but don't even know what it's called.
  2. R

    just bought a project bird nighthawk

    Hi- just picked up roller nighthawk. probably a long term project but sure i will be looking for help and parts. anyone have a seat for it? - Rich
  3. R

    nighthawk / Thunderbird

    Nighthawk/ Thunderbird Forks and chain guard wanted.
  4. bikerboybenny8

    Nighthawk / Thunderbird fenders

    50$ for the pair shipped, I can email or text pics, uploading on this site hasn't been working for me
  5. bikerboybenny8

    WTB Bird Nighthawk Thunderbird Solid Forks

    Bird Nighthawk solid forks... no suspension... MEssage Me!!!
  6. L

    Wanted- Rear wheel for Bird Nighthawk

    Need rear wheel for Bird Nighthawk and info on what motor originally came with them. I think it was a Techumseh, but I'm not sure what Hp. Thanks, Loosebolts Wa.
  7. deadfish

    brid nighthawk

    i am looking for a bird nighthawk rear wheel and gas tank
  8. O

    Where to buy slant intake for tecumseh? bird nighthawk project

    Where do you guys find those slanted intakes for bikes like bird nighthawk or rupps?
  9. Bird Nighthawk before picture

    Bird Nighthawk before picture

    This is what the old bike looked like when I found it. Notice how rusty ii is and how faded the gas tank was. Believe it or not, black shoe polish paste made the tank look new and shiny again! I was going going to try the liquid kind, but didn't have any on I used paste instead!
  10. Bird Nighthawk after being restored

    Bird Nighthawk after being restored

    I made the number plate graphic from looking at the old sales brochure. I drew it on a computer, printed it on a color printer, laminated it and then used emblem adhesive to attach it.
  11. Here's my before and after pictures.

    Here's my before and after pictures.

    I've been a mini bike and motorcycle fan my entire life. These photos are my most recent project, a Bird Engineering Nighthawk. I picked it up at a yard sale and it had set outside for a couple of decades....very rusted up, but it was still in good enough shape to restore. I recreated the...
  12. NIghthawk Flyer

    NIghthawk Flyer

    Found this on your site and it was very useful when I went to restore the one I found rusting at a yard sale!
  13. butch63

    bird nighthawk or thunderbird gas tank

    lookin for a tank without giving an arm & leg. is this even possible?:scooter:
  14. countstevula

    Bird Nighthawk Build

    I picked up this bird nighthawk from Cornishrooster recently. Plan to return it to stock. Might put on a clutch brake instead of the scrub brake though. Currently at the powdercoaters gettin' done up :scooter: Not pictured, but I do have the tank and seat (needs redone)
  15. leathernun666

    Bird Nighthawk

    I bought this for the motor but I think I will just sell it instead. The motor looks top be a 3.5hp Tec with the slanted intake and a nice fabbed up tailpipe. The fenders are nice but somebody spraybombed the whole bike without stripping it first so it needs redone. But it kept it from rusting...
  16. Cornishrooster

    Bird Nighthawk Roller

    Hey ladies and gents I have a bird night hawk roller I'm looking to get rid of. It has everything including the seat, gas tank and handlebars... even all the hardware. Just don't have the pics of that stuff but it's all here. Asking $110 plus shipping Cheers Mike
  17. jspec

    free bird nighthawk rear wheel and tire

    Like the title says its in excellent condition and all put together, just don't have a nighthawk no more. Local pickup only I'm in san antonio tx.
  18. Cornishrooster

    Bird nighthawk

    Bird nighthawk and 2 Three hp tecemsuhs Too many projects to finish this one. I will post some pictures by this afternoon. Has almost all the original parts. Frame still has some surface rust on it. I dunked everything else in evaporust. The wheels are a little banged up. The front fork is...
  19. Bird nighthawk

    Bird nighthawk

    Nighthawk w/ Briggs 5 hp
  20. Cornishrooster

    Bird nighthawk forks

    A quick search in the forums and I saw that front forks can come apart by unscrewing I think. I tried to get these things apart for awhile and have had no luck. Is there a trick that anyone knows of? I just want to be able to scrub them and get some lube in there for better shock absorption...