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  • what do you ride? we use to live near that museum years ago it was fun with the kids.
    I actually live in lomita by the rail road museum now but was born and raised in torrance.
    mocked up the motor on the rupp. i need to get some sprockets and go out to tylers to get a pipe and intake made. also get the pegs welded on
    thats good so you migt try and get out to one the minibike races with the go kart guys? could be fun? might end up being a cross over for some guys switching to try mini bikes or go karts? i wouldnt mind checking out the kart racing scene?
    thanks i cant beleive i work on a pc all day drawing in 3d any thing i want but if you ask me how to do the simpliest task to fix it or such for get it! i design wheel chairs and strollers for handicap children so my mine is on one track at work and a different track in my garage if you know what mean?
    I deleted the ones that had nothing in them. Usually if there less than an hour old you can go back EDIT and Click Advanced and you should be able to delete them. But after an hour Myself or one of the mods will have to delete it.
    hey what chu think about us doing some thing special for the guys riding real mini bikes like tony and back? may be some purse money donated from every one in the gang or some thing we did back in the mountain bike racing we would gather up good things in our garages for give aways all the way back to last so every one wins?
    yea, you bet! I will be there all day! you need to get some pictures in your folder, then we can get you an avatar, maybe Edwin can get you some good picts LOL!
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