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  • I checked my messages, and you were there! Walla Walla Surprise! Someone said hi ! I just recently got back into the garage, and its on again after all these years. Too much to say right now, but hit me back, and help me with this text thing here and let me know if I did it rite! Thanks, Doodle Bug Dave------- (My First Post)---------
    Caperman! Is that you. Bummed around Ben Hunt's shop in the 60s.......looking
    for a caper cart to restore or just chat about those times. jim
    jessuparchitect@msn.com 206 322-2121
    Thank you for posting the pictures of the Falcon and Kingfishers. Started the restoration of my Kingfisher yesterday so the pictures help more than you know, such as what a rear brake arm looks like! Three Capers and I don't have a good one. The picture of the fender was most interesting. If it's an original, and not a reproduction, I am a bit surprised. The "chatter" marks on the bead shows it was made useing a Vibra-Shear or Pull-Max or simular machine. Ben Hunt didn't have such a machine so I guessing he ether had them farmed out to someone that had a machine or the fender is a repodution. Ben had some very large presses and hydraulic equipment so I was expecting to see a pressed bead. Can you shed some light on this?
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