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    Bonanza scout questions

    1. What is the correct color orange? 2. Is anyone making the seat cover 3. Does anyone make the chain guard for the Tecumseh motor
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    mini bike parts for sale

    yep , I did I am out
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    mini bike parts for sale

    I am in Michigan , I am interested in Ruttman Lil Indian and bonanza ?
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    Assembling wheels

    Thank you
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    Tote gote model 600

    where are you located
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    Assembling wheels

    Where can I buy or find out the correct screws for the go-power wheels as well as the ill Indian wheels?
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    Glass bead and tumbled, my buddy tumbled them, he uses the same tumbler to polish ceramic coated headers
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    I am looking for two wheels 1. gopwer wheel with the Kidney shaped cutouts 2. lil Indian mag?+ the two on the right in the picture for reference, in case I did not identify them correctly
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    Bonanza forks and reference my projects

    Hello, Could someone confirm that the lower legs for the bonanza front forks were chrome? I am also looking for any literature/manuals for the following minibikes re-pops or scans Ruttman grasshopper, early washer frame Lil Indian outlaw Bonanza 1300 ? (front and rear suspension) ...
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    Ruttman Grasshopper

    I am looking for a sissy bar and seat for my grasshopper,
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    Bonanza repop chain guards

    Might you have any of these available ?
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    Dress up kits

    Thank you that was what i was looking for
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    Dress up kits

    I looked at aussie speed shop , that is a little too much for my eyes :)...... I wil check ebay , the tank was real simple cyclinder.... thank you. B
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    Dress up kits

    A while back I saw some cool aluminum gas tanks and headers for clone/predator engines. Does any one point me in the right direction ? Thanks B