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  • Hi Steve, do you still have the bike made in Lakeview MI or even some photos ? I have a friend working on the history of MI made bikes he is looking for more info on the bikes and photos. Thanks Cliff
    Hi Cliff.
    I don't have any photos of that bike and really never had much info on it either. Sorry I couldn't help you out.
    Trying to contact djasnipe, he said he had a Tote Gote 535 which I am interested in on Monday April 27, 2015 I replied to his post, and have not received a response back, do you know how to get a hold of him for me. I would really appreciate it, I am in the middle of restoring a 535 for my grand kids, and a second complete bike would be a huge help.
    Best regards,
    I am in Lansing, MI
    i will take the kidney bean wheels. 80$ total? text or call 620-820-3793 or thanks ,JP in ks.
    I read you were going to change the motor out for a bigger one in your Go Devil.If you did and want to sell you old one give me a call 218 760 4289 Mike or
    Hay Jeep4me Im looking for a rewind/recoil for a Go Devil (53cc Fuji) if you have one to sell my number to text or call is 218 760 4289 thank you Mike Collins
    hello jeep4me. I have some frame and parts I need to get rid of. doyou have a shop near grand rapids Mich? also need some parts for a boonie bike.would like to deal locally. I think I've got myself in over my head. I have heard you may be able to help.
    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] Hi Steve,
    Here is a picture of my dry run to see if the bikes will fit in my little truck.They will ,so look for me in a few weeks. Paul
    I'm a newbie and can't post.Interested in your bronc fenders if you still have them.PM vinman1029 or email,Vince Miletti
    You still have those 5" Carlisle set available for sale i will pay through paypal right away and have you ship them to me.
    I just bought a 680 nova toe gote off craigs list. could you tell me where i might be able to get parts?????
    Steve,I posted about our ride...Please feel free to add anything to it. Paulh it's uder events-rides
    Steve, You can't get out of it you are in to deep. Yes, I still have it. The 5 hp. Briggs is white with a lil Indian sticker and the frame is orange I found a no. on the right side of the jackshaft support 26061 if that means anything. I do not know why I have such a hard time with this site, too many birthdays! When I was a kid we used to play with sticks. If you send me your email I can send you pix that I could never launch. I am just south of Allegan in Bloomingdale. I saw that you are in G.R. Dan
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