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  • Oh man, I'm sorry for not getting back to you on them sooner. It's just been super busy around here. Yes, I got them and they are great. I pulled them out and daydreamed a bit about the bike I'm planning. I just have to figure out that brake for the drum and I'll be on the hunt then. I'm really digging them and so glad I finally got a pair for the project. I'd sure like to find one of those older frames one of these days though...ha ha.
    Man Kevin, how do you find those early ones? I remembered seeing where you sold the only one of yours I seen so anything else will be a bonus. Maybe I'll need you to keep me in mind if you decide to sell the one you are working on now...ha ha. Most of my bikes are newer than '65 or '66. I have one that I'm unsure of the year but I haven't dug into it enough yet to see exactly what it is. I believe it might be a '66 but it has the original motor that is dated either '63 or '64.
    Thanks Kevin, I'm looking forward to them. I'd still like to see some of your pictures of the bike you have them on. I'm sort of planning one out that will be somewhat of a hybrid.
    Yes, I still have the flea. But, it's a roller now. Needs a little more work on the frame. Not looking to trade, but would be interested in selling.
    Hi Kevin, I just caught your visitor message. Merry Xmas to you and the family, Also.

    Merry Christmas to you guys also

    It's great to hear from you hopefully I'll see you at one of the mini bike events this summer

    Hey guys, its Sean with the Honda Z50 from the races this weekend, I got a video of you two racing and threw it up on Youtube figuring you'd like to see it.

    Here is the link, its taken in HD so you can full screen it.
    YouTube - Hodaka 125cc Minibike Drag

    It was nice meeting you guys, I'm sure Matt and I will be seeing you around.
    sorry Tyler I am going to Ohio to visit family...........I'd really like to go

    have fun post some pics!!!
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