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  • Hi: My name is Mike D and I would like to introduce myself to everyone. I had a mini bike in the sixties when I was a younger kid. In my life I have had a couple of go karts then dirt bikes three Corvettes a couple of Harley Davidsons, and a v drive Flat bottom boat with a blown hemi Chrysler. I have now come full circle back to mini bikes. I currently have a mini bike powered by a Mac 93 that I built from scratch. The thrill of riding my mini bike is still as intense as it was when I was fourteen. Thanks for allowing me to be a member of such a good group. Mike
    Hello Mike : Well here I am up in Portland collecting my 501 pension and social security. I am now 66 years old and semi retired as a HVAC Contractor. I still do some service calls and bid small jobs from referrals only. I went into the residential HVAC field when I left the Hilton and worked in Upland where I lived tell 1980. I moved lets say hit the road looking for a roost and ended up in Goldendale , Washington a small ( 3500 ) farm town where I started my own HVAC&R contracting company called DURHAM'S SERVICE CO.
    One funny thing is my youngest son Michael Durham is working at a Hospital as a maintenance engineer also as an Operating Engineer He started the union job at the Portland, Hilton and then went to the Hospital job and he is the Shop Stewart.
    If I had your phone number I could call you.
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