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  • im interested, how much? i couldn't do it right now though, unless we trade for something. but yes i do want it because i wouldnt change it much, that rupp was a one of a kind!
    both sound fun! try and get us at the ranch, that would be awesome. ive always wanted to do a timed endurance race. everyone with there own timer, and start at 5 minute intervals. i got my friend that would come an ride with us so, me, eric, my friend garrett, you, wyatt, edwin, george, hent, tony, and who else?
    hello tyler ol chap! what do you think if we put together a good size minibike gathering out in Anza for some trail riding,barbecue and what ever?. How about a camp over? how about a race at the new off road park called "The Ranch"? I know the owner from way back and I,ll bet if we can get enough guys we could do some thing out there since they have over 700 aces.
    How about a long grand prix course through the whole ranch? how about a TT race? only reason asking about that place is because it would be legal since most dont have green stickers??? we can go trail riding but most would have to understand my nephew and I did it at our own risk of getting caught???
    i dont know. school starts tomorrow and if my dad isn't busy and i don't have homework maybe. need a smaller to on the clutch.
    you going and try to make victorville? i was out at the long beach mini bike drags and most of the perris gang was there and saying they are all going!
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