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  • randy the bike your not shur of//red tank spoke wheels is a 1972 chaparral T172 bullett
    minicycle, i have the book to go with it,plus spme extra parts, did you get a chance to
    look at the old midget motors book yet,? see ya.
    Hey Randy, I should be picking up the chrome tomorrow, it's been a slow process. Winter kind of killed it, but now that summer is coming hopefully the motivation starts coming. I thinking about powder coating the frame a blue shade similar to your paint color. I'll probably start posting up some pictures in a project thread after I get the chrome here.
    Randy your bike is definitely a 1968 TT-500. The engine installed on the bike is incorrect. The fenders were supposed to be chrome as was the gas tank. The smaller engine not on the bike is an HS40. Anything I c an help with, feel free to email. My work load doesnt allow me to get here alot so use my email
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