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  • Randy
    i bought that rupp best thing on it was the wheels i have it listed on ebay i tore it apart and got about 5 good parts from it but just sold the frame so made my money back on it , i have 2 minis on the site for sale did you see them ?
    [IMG] hey that posted pic of the ad of the Bird engineering "Thunderbird"...........Where did you get the image? send me a high res copy or where to get a copy?
    Thanks Randy for the Rating. I sure do like that (1) in my trader. That looks cool. Maybe in the future I'll be able to get some more in there. Glad to Help ya. Later....
    thanks randy if i ever get my tank back from my (****ING BUDDY)it well be done.you have any ideals what i should do with the manCCo stock our?. have you notice that sense we been talking about these bikes that the prices on broncco parts has gone way up.....?:freakout:
    Hi looking for a fly wheel for 5hp Tecumseh HS50-67007A ser#5007B , whould like to buy

    long time no see. I was wondering if by chance you have an old air filter cover for the hs35? I have the peice that mounts to the carb but no cover. I will just purchase the filter at a local hardware store.
    Randy, Which publication with month did you find the Bug Engineering Flea Ad 1960 you have posted in your pictures. I'm restoring one and I'm hoping to find a picture of the other side of the bike for brake & sprocket info?
    Randy,today i picked up a bluish green minibike with pink & white pokadot fenders
    no handle bars,but the lady put a 2 FT long 2x4 to steer it, it has a stinkey smell to it
    can you tell me what the make & year it was maid and whats it worth ?
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