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  • Steve: I am a new member (about a week) to old mini bikes and saw your name and I used to work with a steve Durham at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. We used to talk about mini bikes and go karts and always woundered where he went after the Hilton. Mike

    im definitely interested in a wheel. I noticed one of them is a two-toned in color. I would prefer the other one if it's one color, no paint.

    What would you charge?

    Well Cris : Some things are best left in the past that may be one of them. Boy that big tornado sure came to close to a lot of people in your area and made a big big mess in Missouri. I don't think I could stay in an area with that much potential of weather related disaster history. We just have a Volcano 50 miles up the road.
    Keep the faith. Steve
    Just a little late getting back to thank you for reminding me I'm getting older. B-Days are no fun any longer since I quit drinking back in Oct. 07

    Before I looked at the forum I checked out my PMs. In there was a request to get the fuel tank off the Wisconsin engine. I PMed back to him before reading your post that said you were interested! I'm sorry.

    Did I get you right, in a previous message, that you will sell a James 2-speed for $50? I would like to buy it. But I don't want you to have to go to the trouble of shipping it with me paying only the 50 plus the shipping cost. I happen to know it is a big hassle to drain oil, find a box, get other packaging material, tape and etc and then drive to the Post Office. I would like to pay you for at least part of your trouble. How about we make the price 75 plus shipping cost? hauler is picking it up Tues and it is on its way to MN. It actually came with a second body set.....a seat that you straddle like a motorcycle and a different set of forks with a fairing.
    Yes It was so weird looking, couldn't see myself crawling into that tunnel and if I did I would probably never get out.
    Hello Rick : Well no one I ever talked to could say how many were made. The first ones were the single seat made in 1974 in the latter part of that year they came out with the two seat model same frame only the body was changed. Now a few people made new body's with their own two seat configuration them stretched it longer and dropped the passenger down behind the driver.
    I have had one of the 1975 two seat trikes and sold it to a guy in up state New York it was a black trike and it was a factory color never any mention of any black units.
    I will say that the 1200 number will have to stand till some real proof comes out.
    I can send you pictures of the odd ball Centaurs if you let me know you e-mail address . Mine is
    Steve, You seem to be the Centaur guru. Had mine out for a ride the inevitable "expert" talking to me. In the conversation I told him "according to my knowledge" there were about 1200 made. He says there were way more than that. Do you have definative numbers on the production? Thanks, Rick
    Hello Painter : I saw your name over on the BTW site right. I have been a BTW member for 9 years and go by the handle of ( I Dream of Trikes )
    About the Tri-Sport utility trike I have no experience in them but pictures do help out a bunch. I know a few of the people here have some of them. So put up questions and picture in the more than 2 section and there will be some replies.
    I have A Allsport 3 wheel ultilty cart with dump bed with a 10 horse motor. My dad bought in the mid 70's.Runs great but the brakes need replaced can you help me ?
    Hello Walt : Well this manual is very big and has a lot of pages for pricing and cross referencing parts numbers. Lots of good information but a lot of things that I don't ever look at. I have been thinking I would post up some of the fact sheets for the type of things we use like the early TAV-2 and the 500 and some of the smaller systems too.
    Hi Steve,was reading one of your posts,on Comet t/c's and was curious about, purchasing or obtaing a copy.....thank's Walt
    thanks Steve for the feedback on the Tec/crankshaft !.....I will pull some numbers off the shroud and maybe this will help identify the Tec/crankshaft if you think it might help
    say Steve hows things..?.. i was woundering do you have a Tecuseh manual,that has the crankshaft numbers to a craftsman HS6 hp engine..i need to buy a new or used one for a late 1970's mid 80's engine...The shaft for the clutch on mines is to short and i need a crankshaft with a long enough shaft to mount the clutch to it...let me know if yah have any leads...!..thanks hope to here from you...topcat/mark
    Hi Steve, Really having troubles with this 5hp briggs on this custom trike. The problem is getting the governer rod to move the throttle on the carb. I am not sure how to set it up. My question is can I just take the rod off and run the cable straight to the carb and just not run wide open. Also I wanted to use the tank on the frame and i heard tecumseh carb with a float can be used on a Briggs engine, Is this correct? Thanks for all the help. I will ost more pics just hoping to get a better camera besides my phone.
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