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  • tom this is jay please call me 714 308 6100 i have the blue husky cat you posted a picture of it 4 30 2009 thank you
    I am back went to Indonesia to see grandfather before he died, sorry I missed the races out at Ven. Per and Ellsi.
    Neighbor was cleaning out his back yard gave me two edgers and a lawnmower my dad and I got them all running. We traded the lawnmower one of the little edger’s for a Tec HS50 motor at local lawnmower shop .Going to use it in my Cat Mini-bike. My Dad is almost done welding. I going to have many questions on the rebuild of the motor. Originally I was looking for a Honda or Clone so we could build something out of my old Yamaha for the race track. But I saw the HS50 I like the vintage Old School Is Cool.
    Strait Intake
    Round gas tank
    16 inches of “S” shaped exhaust

    I have a question the magnet on the fly wheel is damaged will it still work will the spark be less?

    Hi I was just looking up some info on my minibike. It's also a nova ss. It's pretty clean and all there. I'm still having trouble trying to upload pics, so let me know if you want to see them by email. I'm also interested to know if you've got any info on it.
    thanks, Denise
    edwin and i rode our taco 100's last night through the hood had a blast both bikes ran great i ended up with a6hp honda in mine
    looking forward to seeing you guys, there will be something for everyone with three types of racing etc. let your buddies know. thanx well all have a good time
    Hope Chicago was fun, especially G & G's!!

    I have the hots for a Murray or the Chinesse copy. They all seem to be in the east, i would pay shipping if i could find one, thought you might have a line on one!! Maybe your DB 30 importer guy has them??
    If you search the forum with "Murray" all kinds of pics pop out.
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