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  • kool tomsprops,can you send me a picture of the cat?if you would like to,maybe i can trade
    a yamaha gt80[no engine]we took it apart good so we can clean it,you dont have to include the engine because we have spare.p.s.i cleaned most-if not all-of the yamaha gt80.

    Hey Dylan, Sorry to hear about your Grandpa's passing . I hope he lead a good life .
    EvilEd would be your best "answerman " for the HS50. He's been working on those engines for years .
    I have a really Cool Cat Endura for sale cheap . Keep selling those garage sale finds . Maybe you can earn it ?
    im not sure you will have to just try it. i see the magnets on the inside that has a small ship. i thought that was for a lighting coil or something. there should be another magnet on the outside for the coil that are flush, with the flywheel. check it.
    I am back went to Indonesia to see grandfather before he died, sorry I missed the races out at Ven. Per and Ellsi.
    Neighbor was cleaning out his back yard gave me two edgers and a lawnmower my dad and I got them all running. We traded the lawnmower one of the little edger’s for a Tec HS50 motor at local lawnmower shop .Going to use it in my Cat Mini-bike. My Dad is almost done welding. I going to have many questions on the rebuild of the motor. Originally I was looking for a Honda or Clone so we could build something out of my old Yamaha for the race track. But I saw the HS50 I like the vintage Old School Is Cool.
    Strait Intake
    Round gas tank
    16 inches of “S” shaped exhaust

    I have a question the magnet on the fly wheel is damaged will it still work will the spark be less?

    Dylan are you going to try and race at Perris? if so we might have enough kids to make a kids class! like wyatt my son will be there, his friend weston on a DB,Maddcarson "eric" said he,ll be there so that would make four so far in the kids class and thats not bad since its a very small track any ways. the web site is scfta.com the race is next saturday the 19th,gates open at 3pm, pratice starts at 5pm, races start right after last pratice and riders meeting. they are giving mini bikes half off the race entry so it would be 10.00 for gate fee and 20.00 for race entry and you get two pratices and two races! try to make it?.
    I've seen 1 of the youtube races. I saw you in the race but couldn't find myself. Doesn't matter though. ceck out my profile & take a look at my other minibikes. Here's a bit of advice: keep taking pictures, we showed your Dad a photo album I have. Lot's of good memories!
    keep riding and be SAFE !
    Hi Dylan, saw your post. I'm new to these message boards. Not much experience with it. Hope you enjoyed being in the race, I sure did!
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