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    Accessory fittings?

    I stumbled upon a similar item and remembered this thread, so thought I’d share the Amazon listing. Rubber insulated clamp mounts, reasonably priced.
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    Oil Drain Hose

    Found this little goodie. Expensive, but super convenient if you’re willing to pay the price.
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    Oil Drain Hose

    Thanks. I guess that’s an option, but the exit hole is gonna be mighty small by that point. There are 10x1.25 fuel shutoffs that might work with similar exit hole dia...considering that as an option as well but it has the same issue. Not a total show stopper, its a consideration.
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    My homemade glass pack muffler

    I like
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    Tote Gote

    Not my cup of tea, but maybe one of y’all will want to see this?
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    Does anyone know approximately what years these Hornets were manufactured? Thanks again, Tug
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    Clone drain plug exension

    Interesting. Wonder what the length is?
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    Sears Puddle Jumper -Restored- 10hp Briggs Animal, many new parts. $1000

    Lots of great work there. Worth every penny imo.
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    Oil Drain Hose

    Saw the link, thanks. May also try your technique for drilling and tapping. Thanks for the tip!
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    Oil Drain Hose

    Seems like drilling and tapping the case would introduce metal internally, and I’d rather not open the case. Too much trouble at this point. Thanks for the idea though.
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    Oil Drain Hose

    Thought about drilling it like u mention. May end up there. Thanks for the assist. Also, there are M10x1.25 threaded fuel on/off valves available, but I figured they would drain pretty slowly.
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    Oil Drain Hose

    You’re a stud for having tried to assist in the search, and I thank you. I also saw that very part on eBay and came to the same conclusions.
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    Oil Drain Hose

    If so, neither shows in a google search. Even McMaster was a dry hole.
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    Oil Drain Hose

    The “Drainzit” drain hoses are a great idea but shouldn’t cost $20. I have googled until I’m blind but can’t seem to find a barbed hose fitting with M10x1.25 threads for the oil drains in Hondas/Clones. Source, anyone? Thanks, Don