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  • Can you please message me at djahnke7@gmail.com about the engine mount kit you have for the doodle bug
    just looking to see if your still selling the conversion kits for the baja D30.
    please contact me at PBW76@aol.com
    hello. Im new to the forum and im interested in your kit!! what is exactly in it? just a clutch and sprocket? how much will it be? and I want to put the 212cc harbor freight engine on my broken electric scooter(e-zip). Would that be a good or bad idea? thanks in advance for answering my questions!
    Are the 6.5 swap kits still available? What else do you offer for the original doodle bug with a predator 212cc?
    I'm interested in the 6.5HP kit for the DoodleBug DB30. How much + shipping to 20136?
    Hello. I was looking for the 6.5 motor and install kit for the older style frame doodle bug. Could I get a quote for shipping to Gettysburg PA 17325? Thank you. Bernie.
    I'm new here. I am interested in your header/muffler for a Honda GX200, not a clone. What is height from flange to top of muffler? Wondering if it will fit. I am using a Manco T-bird frame. Now, can't fit cover on stock muffler because of frame height. Burns are hurting more. lol. Thanks - Ken
    Hi, new here , wondering if i can purchase just the engine mount and whatever I will need to connect the cold air intake to my 6.5 hp clone
    Thanks- Bill
    I would like to purchase a conversion kit for the predator, i bought one from you last year, well my dad did, but i would like to purchase one for my minibike. If you can, please contact me at brosskate@yahoo.com
    As a new member i cant email you about the conversion kits you have for sale.
    201-320-2118 or email savietta@yahoo.com please contact me
    hey whats up CJT, I bought one of your kits about 1-2yrs ago, moved since, installed the kit but realized i left the old linkage on the old engine...Two questions: A- where can i find just the screw that screws the throttle cable to the throttle?(what is it even called). B- after hooking up my DB with the harbor freight engine using your kit, what upgrades do you suggest now? PS thanks for the kit it was pretty easy to install other than missing that piece(i must get riding on this thing!).
    Hi - I am interested in just the mounting plate, and the clutch cover/guard and hardware to install the clutch cover (i have bolts for the mounting adapter plate. How much would you charge for those two things? Thanks, Luke
    I am interested in a information on the conversion kits. I have a doodle bug mini bike and I am not too familiar with them yet. It would be great to get some information from you on these kits as well as some pricing. Thank you.

    I am interested in purchasing one of the DB 30 conversion kits. What does it come with (i.e. motor type, clutch, etc) and the cost. I live in Currituck, NC. My email is clewis0432@hotmail.com.
    please contact me when you are able re. engine swap kit nine one seven 841-6825 - text is fine
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