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  • hey..someone had said you make spaces for short crankshafts. i have a 3/4, but the lenth is only 1 3/ any ideas?
    hi, would like to have my tecumseh crank turned down to 3/4". please let me know where to send it to. thanks very much for your help, Glenzsnk

    Another OldMiniBikes user recommended you for some K&S parts I am looking for. I am looking for K&S foot pegs and a rear wheel/brake assembly. I have a K&S frame I am restoring, but the jackshaft and its brackets have been cut off. The frame has its original 6" front wheel but the rear wheel does not have to match other than being the same size.

    Deene Ogden
    Hey, if you want to pm me your address again, I will send you some bits, etc. I have to clear my messages out so I can get new ones, and yours went mr. bye bye. Sorry.
    I'd try ebay for the 17mm drill bit if it's a once or twice use tool. The centering/spotting bits and bottoming tap in your pic are useful items for a machinist. If you put them on ebay, they might pay for your 17mm drill bit, or I would put them to good use too. I'll PM you.
    Hey, I got the shaft and hub you made installed. I still have to work out the alignment etc. I found some taps and drill bits that my dad gave me years ago. I have never used them, and I thought you might be able to. If so, I will ship them to you. If you don't need them, just say so. Thanks again for the work you did. I got a new front brake hub thinking it would work on my Coyote, but I need to drill it out etc. I have a nice drill press, just have to find a 17mm dia. drill bit. Any ideas on where to get a pretty good one cheap. I don't think I will use it more than twice. I am trying to attach a picture of the bits I have.
    Thanks...I have a 2" long billet intake for a GC160/190 to fit a Mikuni VM22 listed on ebay now...comes with all the screws, studs and gasket...
    I'll be making at least one 2" billet manifold for a GC160/190 to fit a Tillotson HL series carb soon also, if you'd prefer to use a carb that's a little easier to set up.
    Sir it is time to get my gc 160 up and going again. Not the easiest site to navigate through. would love to see what you have done.... i will need one of those intakes...
    Copperhead, the GC throttle response with a VM22 is similar to and typical of an engine fitted with a Mikuni round slide responds about like a Honda motorcycle engine of similar displacement.
    The only other mods I've done were alterations to lift and duration specs on the camshaft and a prototype adjustable magneto mount to allow for easy timing adjustments.
    I have billet intake manifolds for the GC160/190 to fit Mikuni VM22 carbs...I'll PM you.

    ...I can also make a cable throttle kit for the stock Keihin carb similar to the ones I have on my GC160's...I don't think anyone else makes them, but you could search it and see.
    also is there any kits out there to convert the throttle for a honda gc160 motor to a throttle cable versus the throttle tab (mine came off a power washer)
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