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  • Yellowhand,
    Soooo, I started working pon the gc160 today, and am tryingto decide to do about the carb. If I use the stock carb, is it ok to run a gravity fed setup? I do want to run a gravity setup, since I have a good idea for a fuel tank...

    Or, should I use a mikuni vm22? Do you have the intakes available yet? Where do you get the Mikunis?

    Your help is much appreciated!

    OK, you've caught me slacking off...I'll go out and get my acetylene tank refilled right now, so I can twist up some front forks.
    The Mikuni VM22 and 24 have slightly different sized mounting flanges...the 22 is actually larger than the 24...I'm cutting billet blanks to make manifolds for both sizes, since they are both popular, depending on the type of mods made to the engine...22mm works well for stock or nearly stock...24mm is better when engine internals have been upgraded.

    When midwestx and I CNC some manifolds, we'll put them on OldMiniBikes at a good price...a small profit will be made, but it will go to supporting the site.
    hey yellowhand im curious does your manifold for the gc160 work with both 22 and 24mm carb or does it only work with the 22 or 24 im curious because im looking in to upgradeing my gc160 and am wondering which carb to buy.
    Here's the link to those shoe size gadjets. Brannock Device foot measuring device - shoe fitting tool - measuring device. JLeon
    Great!! Thanks for the info..What mods would be necessary for a gx intake? How soon would the billet intakes be available? I am a little handy and could do the mods.
    Yellowhand, I am looking for a little guidance. I have a jet powered kayak with a gc160 engine. The carb on the thing sucks. Can you recommend any mods (i.e.-intake-carb combo) that I can put on the thing to make it more adjustable/reliable? Any help would be great!! Thanks!!
    hey. i just asking alot of questions because i have the same engine. you havent responded to me like i made you mad. i hope i didnt. i love what you did to your minibike and just trying to get mine all together. I want a wider tire in the back but my wheels that came with my minibike are 3.00-10
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