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  • i have a honda gc160 engine. I was wondering if you have any intake tubes made up for sale with the mikuni setup. thanks
    hey... Im from Beatrice too. It would be cool to see some of your stuff in person. Let me know if I could sometime?
    gman1...I don't know where they could be a thread describing what you're looking for and asking if anyone knows where to get a good deal on one...

    If you saw what you're asking about on one of my engines, then I made the part myself...
    Hi i was wondering if you could answer a question i had. I saw you knew some stuff about 5.5 hp intek engines on a thread and was wondering if you knew were to find adapters for the stock carb. Just a question
    The best reason to switch to a Mikuni carb is the availability of jets and needles in a wide variety of sizes and the ease of switching them out...

    The carb can easily be tuned for optimal performance for whatever engine mods have already been done, or mods made after the carb is added on...just rejet and adjust for the modification and the engine is able to make the additional HP the mod should have added because it's tuned efficiently.
    alrighty thanks for the help im pretty sure the 22 will work cause the engine is only degoverned,and running and open pipe and the timing is advanced but what do you think?
    The billets are cut to length, but they haven't been machined yet...midwestx and I will eventually run some off, but we're both really busy with other things right now.
    Hey im from beatrice, I might already know you? Just seeing what i can find for info on Farm-Scat. A guy refered me to your page. SnowcoFarmScat (Kellen)

    A $69 Harbor freight bender works great for black pipe, but lacking that, heat the pipe to glowing red until it is nearly molten, then make the bend, and douse with water when the pipe just begins to lose it's red glow as it cools.

    The hotter or more molten the metal is during bending, the fewer cracks and molecular disruptions you'll have when cooled down.
    Hey yellowhand, I want to say that your creations are great, and seeing the style work you produce, I wanted to pick your brain??? If I may? I'm thinking of building a large scale tom thumb and i was thinking about using the one inch black pipe (gas piping) like they sell at lowes, If you say it will be strong enough to do as I intend. I don't have a tubing bender and I'm down on the dollars so my idea is this, If i make a template for the radius out of whatever? can i use a rosebud tip to bend my tube without robbing all the strength if so would you get it red hot and then bend or set the load on the tube and heat spairingly until it is workable?? Any advice is appreciated, Thanks, rocketman.
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