1. smallbikes88

    12" 24 spoke Rupp Roadster 2 rims SHOW CHROME!!!!!

    I just am not gonna use these. They are way to nice for me to use and abuse. They would look great on any 12" rupp but i like my riders. They are not ready to go though. They need to be trued up and they need bearings. I got these in a trade and need the money now, they were put...
  2. Randy

    Mikuni Carb And Old 12" Shocks

    Parts are located in S. Central PA. New Mikuni, I bought 2, I'm not sure why? But here is a new one for $30.00 Shipped. Very nice shocks, 12" E2E 10mm or 3/8 mounts. Springs and cups are rusted, but very nice aluminum with rubber bushings. Much nicer quality then "new" ones. $40.00 Shipped.
  3. K

    Is there such a thinng? 12" x 3"-3.5" slick

    Something square-shouldered to look as much like a drag slick as possible... I thought trailer tires, but 12 x 4.80 is the narrowest I've found. I have a Kz80 rear wheel for a custom mini made from a Northern+Tool/Asuza frame Anybody got any ideas?