22mm mikuni

  1. vegetable

    Help! Predator 212 won't start no matter what I do

    So I have a non-hemi 212 predator, and it ran fine before I started doing mods to it. When I installed the stage 1 kit from GPS, I couldn't run the engine off of choke for more than a few seconds, and it would eventually die out anyway. I replaced the stock carburetor and it still did the same...
  2. Saint Mason


    Hello, My name is mason and i recently purchased a coleman bt200x mini bike I purchased a mikuni (chikuni) 22mm carburator kit with filter for it and i cant seem to get it tuned correctly...... i have not touched the needle nor have i replaced any jets. I am currently using the stock jets in...
  3. TankforGod3

    212 predator 22mm mikuni

    I have a 212 predator I wanna install a 22mm carb and I can order everything tonight but I have a question. When I put the manifold on how will I get the carb studs out and what kind of bolts do I need to bolt the manifold onto the head. I'm not paying $30 for the manifold from nrracing so I'm...