30 series

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    4 new torque converters arrived.
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    Juggernaut at full throttle. The belt never reaches top of the driver. And compared to a stock 30 series driver it keeps approx. 1/4" lower. Result: it is not going in overdrive. The engine needs to make more rpm's to reach the same speed as with a stock driver.
  8. Li'l Popeye

    Installation and test of Juggernaut driver on my "Herbie" minibike.

    The Chinese torque converters on both my minibikes are doing great, but as I wasn't pleased with the vibrations their drivers create, I was looking for a solution and already modified one driver slightly. I recently ordered "the Juggernaut" named like this by it's seller. I liked the design and...
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    Installation of "Juggernaut" super 30 series driver.
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    Installation of "Juggernaut" super 30 series driver.
  11. Van Alphen TAV2-30 performance upgrade.jpg

    Van Alphen TAV2-30 performance upgrade.jpg

    Performance upgrade designing for clone TAV2-30 series clutch. Design by: John van Alphen, Netherlands. Zero vibration?!
  12. R

    30 Series Drive and Driven Units

    Looking for a deal on a used 30 series drive and driven unit. My son is fixing up a go kart roller we picked up. The dopey kids who owned it had dissasembled it and left it all in the yard for who knows how long. Torque converter parts were nowhere to be found. I have few things to trade if...