1. S

    was the original Animal 305cc instead of 206cc ?

    I have a small PDF file of a magazine article in KARTING WORLD in 2008 describing the ANIMAL 305 and I cannot get it to upload. Today I see there are Vangard 305cc motors and I think they are the same block as the original racing Animal motor. There are still go kart racing engines that...
  2. S

    Briggs 305cc ANIMAL race motor from 2008 introduction

    I have ( hopefully) attached a PDF file which is an article about the engine from the magazine "KARTING WORLD" I'm thinking Briggs must have a very similar commercial engine and they do have a Vanguard motor of the same displacement. Is this the same motor such that it shares parts with...
  3. matt2

    Brand new 305cc elc. start B&S

    Hi All I got this new mini and it came with a new 305cc B&S. He bought it and started it for less than 15 seconds.He just wanted to make sure it was good then put it on the mini and never finished it. It has electric start on it. It has no muffler and no gas tank. I looked on ebay and the best...