was the original Animal 305cc instead of 206cc ?

I have a small PDF file of a magazine article in KARTING WORLD in 2008 describing the ANIMAL 305
and I cannot get it to upload. Today I see there are Vangard 305cc motors and I think they
are the same block as the original racing Animal motor. There are still go kart racing engines
that are available sealed for 305cc "class" racing but I think the smaller 206cc has taken over probably
to reduce speeds and increase safety.

The Briggs website shows the 305 engine as weighing 57 pounds and that is not too much for minibikes
that we build.

Could someone please send me a private message that can help with the upload of the PDF file
that I have. Maybe I can send direct to them and they can upload. The attachment facility of this forum
will not allow me to attach the PDF file after I upload it. Maybe I dont have the right privileges etc ? ? ?

I interned at a kart building/ performance shop and the Briggs and Stratton OHV engines were a staple of the business. Primarily the shop was building World Formula engines and a few Animals for customers. Other engines Briggs offers for racing include M-series, Junior 206, and Local Option 206 engines. All specifically designed to meet the needs of IKF/ WKA karting rules and classes. The Model 20 engine has a 305cc displacement if that is what you are referring too. :shrug:
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