6.5 ohv

  1. L.skynrd

    Honda 6.5hp Clone stalls out

    Hello guys. I recently bought a baja warrior of marketplace, and I am trying to get the engine running a bit better. The problem I am having, is that is stalls out at low rpms, so I constantly need to rev it in order to keep it going. It stalls mostly when I apply the brakes and come to a...
  2. M

    6.5 briggs will not idle, governer problem?

    hey guys, i just saw a recent post like mine but not really the same problem. So i bought a 6.5 ohv briggs from a guy for $130. It ran great when i picked it up and brought it home. The throttle was pretty stuck so i took the gas tank off and losened up the bolt that hold the throttle down. I...