Honda 6.5hp Clone stalls out

Hello guys. I recently bought a baja warrior of marketplace, and I am trying to get the engine running a bit better. The problem I am having, is that is stalls out at low rpms, so I constantly need to rev it in order to keep it going. It stalls mostly when I apply the brakes and come to a complete stop, or when idling. So far, I have cleaned the carburetor, changed the spark plug, and changed the oil since it looked like it hadn't been changed in a while. Any suggestions as to what my next step should be?


Check your Pilot jet in the carburetor and make sure its fully seated. Its right under the idle screw. Screw the idle screw out pop the pilot jet out underneath it with a screw driver. Take some wire and push it through the brass jet hole in the bottom. If its clogged it wont idle. Also make sure your main jet is clean as well. Take the 10mm float bowl bolt off and the main jet is underneath where the float bowl bolt threads in too. Use a flat head to get it out. And use a wire to poke through it to make sure its clean. Hope that helps you.
Make sure your governor linkage is set up properly too. Theres also a idle air bleed screw on the side of the carb that affects the air fuel mix for idle. Sometimes tweaking that can help a motor run better