1. 20200507_181220.jpg


    Engine mounting plate done
  2. 20200506_174944.jpg


    Aluminium engine plate fabrication.
  3. 20200506_174937.jpg


    Aluminium engine plate fabrication.
  4. 20200506_162140.jpg


    Aluminium engine plate fabrication.
  5. 20200504_161650.jpg


    Aluminium engine plate fabrication.
  6. george3

    Bird aluminium brake spring install

    Does any one have a pic or two of the bird brake spring that stabilizes the shoe? I have one but it might be bent up and cant figure out its proper install to function properly.
  7. chatten63

    comet modified aluminium weights

    I'm looking for a set of the modified aluminum weights for the comet 20 and 30 series driver. Part number 216117. Thanks Rick.
  8. R

    Torque converter cast aluminium backplate

    Hi, I am in desperate need of a cast aluminium torque converter backplate. I am willing to trade it for a steel backplate and sprocket. I need this backplate for clearance issues. Thanks Rob
  9. Randy

    H50 aluminium flywheel.

    Just pulled a H50 apart and it has a aluminium flywheel? I knew the charge engines are aluminum but this is the 1st I've seen a non-charge Big Block with one?