1. O

    Wanted:Bonanza mini bike parts or complete bike 412-277-5803 cell

    Wanted: Anyone have any complete bonanza mini bikes or parts? Please call me and let me know what you have. Thanks.
  2. I

    taco lower fork springs

    2 taco lower leg springs. used patina shape ... i can send pics to a cell if necessary i am too lazy to upload pics. so pm me your cell number if you want pics. or bug me.. for them :thumbsup: just the springs 40 shipped ....... let me know if you are interested and i can work with you if you...
  3. outlaw fab shop

    new fuel cell tank

    ebay item111240767926 thanks for looking
  4. hemigremmy

    3D cell maglite

    Ok, here's the problem. Somebody left my LED maglite on and the batteries died and must have leaked, now the very top one by the bulb is STUCK. I have beat it off a block of wood, added vinegar and baking soda, let it soak, more beating, more soaking..... ABSOLUTELY STUCK. I wouldn't care if it...
  5. oldfatguy

    cell phone

    http://media.mtvnservices.com/player/loader/?CONFIG_URL=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.mtvnservices.com%2Fplayer%2Fconfig.jhtml%3Furi%3Dmgid%253Acms%253Amvideo%253Acmt.com%253A40319%26group%3Dmusic%26type%3Dnoesi%26ref%3Dnull&uri=mgid%3Acms%3Amvideo%3Acmt.com%3A40319&group=music&type=noesi&ref=null next...
  6. johnf.357

    installing a fuel cell for a clone

    I want to use a walbro 22 mm carb for my kart,so will I have to get rid of the gas tank on the clone and go with a pumper.but I do not know anything about them,other than the basics. can someone tell me if it is complacated to set up? What makes the pump draw the gas to the engine? And...