1. scrappybunch

    HS Tecumseh newer style combustion chamber

    Found a newer style vertical shaft in the dumpster at work. I was curious to see what had changed since the 70's when I was a kid fixing mowers. There is a lot more plastic, the cam gear, oil pump housing, and a plastic bushing on one end of the cam. Also a real centrifugal compression...
  2. Ajf

    Bonanza hodaka expansion chamber

    Looking for an original chrome hodaka bonanza expansion chamber. Cash or trade.
  3. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Cheap, quick way to clean up carbon build up in combustion chamber and ports?

    Like Rocky Balboa, I'm stupidly getting back in the ring with a Tec OH60. Decided I'd rebuild from ground up--was an oil burner and I need to clean up the head and exhaust ports. Anyone have any suggestions for cleaning all the carbon build up out without access to a media blaster? I'm a little...
  4. Ajf

    Bonanza hodaka expansion chamber exhaust

    Looking for an expansion chamber for a bonanza with the hodaka ace 90 100
  5. O

    gx140 head

    Needing to know how to identify the 140 head. This head is a very small chamber head 24x25 mm valves I think.
  6. 1

    experts, help id this head

    I posted a want AD for a 14cc head.the seller said i have one, so i bought it. I got it in and first thing i noticed was the chamber does not look like any 14 cc head I've ever seen, even though the casting said zh8. Matter of fact, it looks like every 18 cc head I've ever seen. Im ordering...
  7. CmeBckKd

    Expansion Chamber on a 4 stroke

    I know it greatly improves the power of a 2 stroke motor. Would an expansion chamber not work on a 4 stroke motor? Why? How do 4 strokes get a similar advantage from their exhaust setup?
  8. KustomKartKid

    Nice Vintage Dual Chamber Fuel Tank

    Nice vintage dual chamber tank. Looks identical to a tank I had off a vintage saw powered by a Power Products AH58. Super nice...could be NOS...clean as a whistle inside and out.....both caps are there with internal vent gaskets. All threads are good. (No bottom fittings included, I just took...
  9. D

    kohler 440 2ams exhaust/expansion chamber dunecycle

    Hey there all you 2 stroke brainiacs! I am building a dunecycle here in Seattle and need some exhasust and expansion chambers for a kohler k440 2ams. I have a local fabricator but after extensive reading up on expansion chamber design I thought I better ask if anyone has done this before. Can...
  10. B

    small chamber honda head ported & milled

    hey guys got a real Honda head use to be a large chamber head was welded and reshaped to a small chamber head. fully ported milled .080 stainless SI valves stock size 26#pound springs aluminum retainers fresh valve job this head has been used but i cleaned it up and did...