1. red baron

    chibi in maine

    I bought a frame from a guy in Grey maine the other day. He showed me a Chibi mini bike he had not advertised. It looked like a Honda 50 but had what he said was a Bridgstone 2 stroke motor and 3 speed trans, the motor was a basket case but the bike looked pretty good and from what I could tell...
  2. CandyBandit

    Mini bike collection 10 bikes

    Hello everybody! My wisdom teeth have been coming in and crushing my molars. Just went to the dentist the other day and it's going to cost a lot of money. I'm 30, I can collect more bikes, but my teeth need to be dealt with now. I'm negotiable on my prices. Thanks for looking...
  3. Ding Ding

    1971 Bridgestone Rockford Chibi

    Here's something you don't see every day.... 1971 Bridgestone Rockford Chibi mini bike
  4. Mark G

    Rockford Chibi Clutch lever perch

    I'll take the whole assembly, but I don't need the handle. Busted mine moving some things in the garage:doah:
  5. Biffmini

    Chibi footpeg covers

    Here's a pic.of my new footpeg covers after a dozen short rides the rubber is way to soft $ 20.00 down the drain Beware!! Any ideas on covers that will hold up to actual use. NOT IMPRESSED! :censure:
  6. H

    1970 Chibi by Rockford

    This 60cc bike is in good condition and was running fine before it was put up on the shelf about 6 months ago. The headlight was replaced, and the original I still have. Can use a new throttle cable which I purchased, but haven't put on. Serial number can be seen in pics. $850. Located in...
  7. jbe24jg

    Bridgestone/Rockford Chibi Piston or Cylinder needed

    I recently purchased a 78 Rockford Chibi with a Bridgestone 60cc engine that was seized by the previous owner. I have a stock sized piston, but the cylinder has been bored to the 1st over specs. So I either need a stock bore cylinder or a 1st over piston. I'll get pics soon
  8. Agro Zed

    hello from Aus

    hello everyone on oldminibikes. my names Aaron from Australia. i am a crazed monkey bike enthusiast. i have been hooked on monkey bikes ever since i got my hands on a 72 QA50 K2 that was thrown away in the landfill and even though my collection is small it will grow. The reason i joined...
  9. M

    nice chibi

    Bridgestone Chibi | scooters, pocket bikes | Ottawa | Kijiji
  10. J

    CHIBI - Rockford Mini Bike

    I have an opportunity to buy a Chibi Mini Bike. Complete running bike, no rust but has its share of scratches and a dented tank. Can I find parts for this bike? I checked ebay and there wasn't much listed. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks John
  11. Iron Honky

    Rockford Chibi

    Got a mostly complete Rockford chibi. Did fire over but losing spark probably needs points. Needs some stuff to be complete. Asking $225 obo. Too large to ship local pick up only.
  12. Up in Canada this was put out by "PRINCESS AUTO ".

    Up in Canada this was put out by "PRINCESS AUTO ".

  13. Most of my Mini's

    Most of my Mini's

  14. Sears??


    Rear Shocks have "LIL INDIAN "66 " Etched into them.