1. markus

    Comette Chopper Trike!

    Seeing a Comette mini bike is a rarity in itself, but how about a factory built Trike version of the Comette III :ohmy: Yes, this was posted in the craigslist section last week, I knew someone that was in that area that is chopper crazy and texted him that it might be worth...
  2. KustomKartKid

    COMETTE III Chopper

    My buddy Jim has had this mini-bike since he was a kid. It's stashed away in his barn in PA and he has been describing it to me for years...he finally took some pics. He said it had leopard skin seat which had me thinking ARCO or Scat Bat... but as soon as I saw the picture I recognized it as...
  3. J

    Comette III ready to roll!

    Well, I am sick of winter.......and damn it, more snow tonight as soon as all the old snow melted But, anyway......I am ready to roll:thumbsup: