Comette III ready to roll!

Well, I am sick of winter.......and damn it, more snow tonight as soon as all the old snow melted
But, anyway......I am ready to roll:thumbsup:

Man, that is a beaute! All original I take it? Oh psst...minor detail, but your fuel line is close to coming off at the bottom of your tank. :thumbsup:
It has all the original parts with the exception of the jackshaft mounts and the seat. But I think it has great potential for a restoration.......But it rides so good like it is, I think I just want to ride it around and have fun.
If i restored it....I might not want to ride it?
I go buzzing around the neighborhood in the summer and holidays with it. I either get thumbs up or grimaces lol. I'm 50 so F'em if they can't take a joke:thumbsup:
I take it with me when I go to drag races, as a pit bike. Really handy for that
I'm with you mmister:thumbsup:
It kind of tells a story like it is...........and it made it this far without being butchered, is really cool
I had the original jackshaft, but the mounts were gone :( No idea where they went?
So, I just welded on whatever I could find.
Would really like to re-do them with the correct shape ones though
I hope you guys are getting a taste of Spring. It is going up into the 50's today.
Feeling compelled to torture the neighbors:thumbsup: and blow out the winter cobwebs:smile::scooter: