cylinder head

  1. E

    Baja 97cc cylinder head fastener torque specs?

    Anyone happen to know what the torque specs are for the cylinder head bolts on a Baja 97cc motor? I can't find anything google and I'd like to make sure I get it back close to OE spec at least.
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    Installed cylinder head
  3. 5

    I have 2 NOS Briggs 5hp cylinder heads & small bearing covers

    These are from 2 Baddog engines I bought on ebay for a dual engine project. I decided to cancel the project and part out the engines. All I have left are 2 crankcase covers with bolts, 2 cylinder heads with bolts, & an electric start flywheel shroud. I am asking $35 per item, but willing...
  4. CJdoodlebug90

    ------212cc mod questions------

    I have some questions about some mods to a non hemi that i have been thinking about. First, would porting intake and carb do any good? Second, is there a different head you can put on a non hemi to increase combustion? And third, what are your thoughts about putting a 49cc nos kit on a non...
  5. P

    Cylinder head bolt torquing sequence...

    After one has snugged the head bolts with fingers, what is the proper torquing sequence? Please refer to the figure below:
  6. R

    stock combustion chamber size 6.5hp cylinder heads

    what is the stock combustion chamber size for 6.5hp cylinder heads?