1. danford1

    Danford1's - 75 Rupp Roadster2 - (Vintage Class)

    This is my 75 Rupp Roadster2 Vintage Class entry. It is pretty damn complete as it is :-) It has the original HS40 that runs good and the lights work! Someone painted it black and red. I'll repaint it the original Magenta color. I have a new seat cover with new foam, new cables, new brake light...
  2. danford1

    Danford1's - 72 Rupp Scrambler - (Vintage Class)

    Here is the 72 Rupp Scrambler I will be restoring for the Vintage Class. I'm debating turning it into a Hustler. THe differences were a Hustler had front brakes and a 4hp engine. I have all the Rupp parts to add the brakes and it currently has a HS40 on it. I also have all the new Hustler decals...