Danford1's - 72 Rupp Scrambler - (Vintage Class)

Here is the 72 Rupp Scrambler I will be restoring for the Vintage Class. I'm debating turning it into a Hustler. THe differences were a Hustler had front brakes and a 4hp engine. I have all the Rupp parts to add the brakes and it currently has a HS40 on it. I also have all the new Hustler decals for it. I do have the original H35 that was on the bike but I won't be rebuilding it.
I will probably be selling this minibike along with other minibikes when the build off is over. That is why I'm undecided about turning it into a Hustler. Will a Rupp purest be upset if I did that? Would someone not buy it because it says Hustler on the tank rather than Scrambler? If it said Scrambler but has an HS40 on it, it isn't pure either... What to do ???

Anyway. I plan to blast and paint the frame gloss black, engine gloss black and gas tank and rear fender red. I'll also blast and paint rims Argent Silver. I have a new seat cover, seat grab bar, new belt guard etc for it.


72 Rupp Scrambler Jan 17, 3 16 22 PM(1).jpg
I had a long day today tearing down two Rupp's for the build off.

Here is a picture of the 72 Rupp Scrambler in pieces.
Now the fun begins, stripping, sand blasting, sanding, painting etc.
I bought parts knowing I would need them, now I can buy even more parts...


Scrambler tear down.JPG


Banned - Must pay $500
That 3.5 tec is not correct anyway, it has a shield over the recoil, which screams snow blower engine.

I like the Hustler more anyway :laugh:
I have the original H35 with the 3" crank that came on the Scrambler. It needs a rebuild. I won't be using it on this bike.
I can remove the shield on the snow blower HS40 that I'll use for the build. That is a strong running HS40 :)

I probably will turn it into a Hustler with front brakes.

I'm curious... Is there any way to find out if Rupp sold more Scramblers than Hustlers of vice versa?

I have both the Scrambler and Hustler tank decals already.

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Not a lot of progress but some progress is better than none. I ordered and received more parts from Black Widow Motorsports.
I need to lay out all the parts I've been collecting and see what else I need to buy.
I'll post photos will I can.

I started spraying Epoxy primer yesterday. I sprayed some parts for the Rupp Scrambler/Hustler and the Sears Green Streak. These same pictures and description will be in my other build thread.
I cleaned, taped and hung some parts and sprayed on a couple coats of SPI epoxy. I have to keep the heat on in the garage for 24 hours for it to cure. Then in another day or two I'll spray some 2K primer on them. When that cures I can start sanding it smooth for the
top coat of paint.
I decided to call this a Scrambler/Hustler as I'll most likely put the Hustler decals on it. It will virtually be a Hustler with the 4 hp Tecumseh and front brakes.


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I did more painting :) I painted all the black parts and red fender and gas tank.
Then I assembled the roller. The rear shocks are not the correct ones in the roller picture. They were just put on for the pictures. The correct shocks need to be put together as they are apart for restoration right now.