1. D

    New Member 1972 Speedway Red Baron want to detail

    hi dugm00 here, I loved these mini bikes as a kid, now that I am a big kid, I can afford ? them. I just bought a 1972 Speedway Red Baron, not running yet. I need to replace the front fork seals. I have the seals from ebay. how do you get them off, what type of fork oil do I use and any tricks on...
  2. R

    Rock Racing mdb detail photos

    Ready for the first pass.........
  3. R

    Hegar's Kik-Start

    Hi, wondering if anyone might have a photo of an actual spring or know of a replacement spring for a Hegar's Kik-Starter? I have the parts list paper that comes with the Kik-Starter but it doesn't show enough detail of the spring or where exactly it hooks up to. Long shot I know but I figured...
  4. Mike T

    Drover or Duck?

    I am starting to work on this minibike that I have had for decades. It is little more than a frame but pretty solid. I think it's a Sears Drover. The bottom layer of paint is a limey green. I have more pictures if additional detail is needed. I want to stay fairly close to original when I build...
  5. minibikin'

    Trail Horse/Blazer wheel detail

    Here is a set of wheels that are for Mrs Minibikin's rigid Trail Blazer. I should have taken a before picture. Yuck! First a light pass through the media cabinet. Next they get masked Then some Eastwood etch prime Finally some Eastwood charcoal wheel paint. Here's a comparison shot. Just a...
  6. metalhead100

    Honda/clone basic carb cleaning detail pic

    Honda/clone basic carb cleaning detail pic Needs to be a Sticky!