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  1. Valveliftdiagram.jpg


    GX160 camshaft VS Chinese aftermarket camshaft
  2. T

    Speedway green horn wiring diagram

    I need a wiring diagram for Speedway green horn. Is there one available out there?
  3. JohnnyTillotson

    Tillotson MD77A Diagram?

    Googling my brains out trying to find an exploded parts diagram for the Tillotson MD 77A and I'm unsuccessful. Does anyone know where to find one? Trying to clean one up to use on my AH47 and i dont necessarily know whats what with this one. I uploaded a pic but the html gods have it now and...
  4. T

    Vintage Arctic Cat mini-bike

    Does anyone know where I might be able to find a NOS or reprint operator manual for a 1972 Arctic Cat Prowler mini-bike which illustrates a wiring diagram ? Or a wiring diagram for a Sachs Saxonette engine that runs a headlight and brake light ? Thanks !!
  5. UnorthodoxCreat

    Briggs 5hp Recoil Assembly Question

    Where do the springs like the on circled in green go? My recoil came apart and I can't find a diagram that shows where these little things go.
  6. MaddBiker

    exploded parts diagram "PHOTO"

    Hello, I signed up to this site because I have had no luck finding an exploded diagram of what parts are supposed to come with an azusa kit I found one tiny image on google, but its blurry and doenst show everything Although I got a book with a list of parts, some of the parts...
  7. Pulsa Jet Carburetor - Pick up Tube Installation

    Pulsa Jet Carburetor - Pick up Tube Installation

  8. IMG_10391


    Benelli Dynamo Wiring Diagram
  9. C

    AH58 Port Timing Diagram

    Hello, Need to get a hold of some old data on the AH58 engines. The port timing difference between an AH58 and AH58S. Thanks in advance. Mark
  10. M

    Looking for 1976 Yamaha Chappy lb80 Wiring Diagram

    Hi Everyone, I am currently in the middle of a restore on my 1976 Yamaha Chappy LB80. I'm having a problem with my electric wiring and some how a few things were crossed. Does anyone have a diagram they could share or ONE SIMILAR from another year Chappy. Thank you, -Mike
  11. dw1973

    Parts diagram for Tote Gote 770

    Anyone have a parts break down for a Tote Gote Model 770? I would like to have a list of the parts needed with measurements to complete the original jackshaft set up.
  12. Clyde

    Wiring diagrams?

    Anyone got a wiring diagram source for the 196cc, 6.5 clone engines that come with lighting coils (or charging coils) ???
  13. M

    Mini chopper wiring diagram

    Looking for help on a wiring diagram for a mini chopper. It is a chinese HL2000 (very similiar to FY2000HD). I already know that some frown upon the chinese choppers but i'm a novice and purchased this unknowingly. Besides that fact I like the size and shape of the bike and it appears to...
  14. S

    HS50 exploded diagram

    Nu-B here. Just bought an old mini in pieces, with the engine code telling me that it's an hs50. I'm sure someone somewhere has to have an exploded view of the engine so I can reference it in putting it back together. Thanks for any help