1. Shawnster

    For sale new pair of alsport rts brake discs.

    Hello all, I have a brand new pair of RTS brake discs for sale. I bought them but it turned out they are for the Jack Shaft mounted brakes and have 8 mounting bolt holes. They are not for the 6 bolt axle mounted brake discs like my RTS has so I cannot use them. I am selling them for what I have...
  2. Shawnster

    Tri-Sport Brake Discs

    Here is a Fee-Bay link for Tri-Sport brake discs in case someone needs them. The price doesn't seem to bad either. $50.00 per pair. Alsport Tri Sport 3 Wheeler Rear Brake Disc x 2 | eBay Hope this helps someone, :thumbsup: Shawn
  3. Clayon

    Moon Discs for Mini Bikes?

    Anybody have a set of Moon discs for there mini-bike? :shrug: I've seen them on old go karts (or atleast that is what they look like) but I've never seen them on any mini-bikes. Does anybody have a idea on how you could make them? I've been thinking but haven't had a good idea yet. Wouldn't...
  4. N

    brake discs

    I came across a site that made better discs for the DB and can't find it again. Anyone know where? Thanks