1. MoTo-BunnY

    Fat Tire Mystery Mini-Bike: California Swap Meet Find (probably an easy one?)

    Here is another mini we found at a swap meet that needs an ID. This bike is owned by a nice older guy vendor at a swap meet my man is selling at, down in California. The owner doesn't want to sell it, he rides it around at shows and obviously has taken pretty care of it. He says he has owned it...
  2. 2

    Fat Fat Trail Bike - Who Made This ??

    This appears to be a 1980's bike. It is an extremely heavy duty frame. It originally (I think) came with a 6hp Techumseh. Has Comet setup. Polypropolene fenders, tank, & chain guard. It hauls chained brush easily up a 25 degree hill. Can anyone tell me who manufactured it? Thanks in advance.
  3. H

    Mini Bikes: Fat-Tire, Herters, K&S, TrailRam

    Who has these bikes, and pictures of them?? :confused::confused::confused:
  4. fat-tire


    scooter fat-tire
  5. Fat-Tire Brochure

    Fat-Tire Brochure

    hard to read fat-tire article
  6. Fat-Tire Brochure

    Fat-Tire Brochure

  7. Fat-Tire Scooter Parts Break Down

    Fat-Tire Scooter Parts Break Down

    Breakdown and schematics of parts for Fat-Tire Scooter
  8. Fat-Tire Scooter

    Fat-Tire Scooter

    Fat-Tire Scooter for Sportsman - Brochure 1