1. W

    Allis Chalmers jack shaft plates

    Looking for Gilson Allis Chalmers trail 5 jack shaft plates and bushings or blueprints to make them. I have lost mine thanks.
  2. D

    Montgomery Ward XE525 by Gilson

    $850. In Phoenix AZ. No shipping. Could possibly deliver between here and eastern Ks. Mostly original mini bike has not been started for a few years. Ran good and lights worked. Tail light replaced. Not original. two speed model. Throttle has been changed and doesn't look good but works...
  3. danford1

    What Gilson model, no rear gas tank.

    I got a Gilson yesterday. It is very similar to my Wards 525 (which is why I got it). The 525 has a hole for the rear gas tank filler neck. This "new" Gilson doesn't. Is there anyway to tell what model it is by the pictures? I can take more pics if needed. There aren't any frame tags as it has...
  4. gammatg

    Speaker Headlight Fits Arctic Cat, Gilson, Wards, AC, Herters

    Speaker Headlight that came off of a Arctic Cat Ramrod. The A.C. hardware is still on it. 3 cracks in the ring. Chrome has some wear as shown on pictures. I've never tested the headlight, but the filament is still together. The connection at the end of the wiring is missing as shown. $80...
  5. bowhunt4life

    Allis Chalmers Trail Bike Parts Needed (Gilson)

    Recently picked up this Allis Chalmers bike from a Honda Dealership (been sitting 30 years). I'd like to bring this bike back to life. Need help with a few parts as I am a rookie with mini bikes. 1. Front and Rear plastic fenders 2. Tecumseh throttle linkage 3. Big block Tecumseh H50 4...
  6. FlybyNight

    Sweet Montgomery Wards gilson on ebay

    Original 1972 Gilson Montgomery Ward Mini Bike with Papers! Runs Great, Garaged
  7. Sixpac440

    Gilson $750
  8. Raskin

    anyone near Orlando fl want a gilson? ..looks good
  9. bowhunt4life

    Gilson Accesory Rack Find

    This Gilson popped up locally, about 45 min away, and I scooped it up. Previous owner had this bike for 10 years and been sitting in his pole shed the last 2 years neglected. I went to pick it up and he had even washed it for me, he felt bad it was dusty and had bird crap on it, and right away I...
  10. Dr. Shop Teacher

    3/4 of a Gilson Trail Bike on ebay

    Wrong front forks, but they are suspended. Looks like OG TAV driven. Wheels in great shape. Big block. VINTAGE MINI BIKE Montgomery Ward Gilson mini bike | eBay No....I have other plans.:laugh:
  11. Dr. Shop Teacher

    LSCustoms Billet Trees and Gilson Grips FS

    Unused pair of LSCustoms' Billet Trees (Fit Yamaha PW80 struts 5/8" head bolt)--$90 + small flat rate box shipping ($7.15). Good condition Gilson grips (some rash on throttle)--$15 + small flat rate box shipping ($7.15). Trees won' t work with Gilson Bosch wheels, so need to let them go.
  12. Havasu Dave

    Gilson in Prescott, AZ $300

    I've never been crazy about these bikes, but if it wasn't a two hour drive each way, I'd probably get it. Just up the road for the Phoenix guys. Even comes with extra stuff you can hide in the weekly trash pickup. I've seen worse restorations. Gilson Mini Bike
  13. oldsledz

    Oldsledz' - Gilson - (Just For Fun)

    Throwing my hat in the ring but will not be starting for a while.
  14. H

    6" Gilson wheel

    WTB one 6"gilson front wheel axle and spacers for a 525 let me know what you have
  15. james ackerman

    Repro gilson, wards, neck bushings.

    Someone wanted to buy my gilson frame ( can't remember who now) then someone just wanted to buy the bushings so I decided to have a few sets of reproduction bushings made. I have one set left, they cost me $20 to have made. I'm asking $28 shipped for the set. I'm not trying to get rich just...
  16. Wards 424

    Wards 424

    Really groovy in a far out sort of way!
  17. Wards 424

    Wards 424

    It stayed on CL for awhile so I decided if nobody else wanted it I would give it a home. The engine is a 4hp and I believe it's original, dated 1971
  18. C

    WTB- Gilson Bushings

    Pair of 0.75" ID, oval OD bushings needed.
  19. KMC3420

    Gilson "Razorback" Restomod

    Wanted to share my build as so many have shared their builds before, and encouraged myself to do the same. First I am from Arkansas so had to throw the Razorbacks in the mix, WPS! Second my project starts out as just a Gilson frame, nice and orange, with tons of character(scratches). My intent...
  20. B

    Wards Gilson XE 525

    I am doing a correct restoration of a wards XE525. I have about everything I need except the 5 hard-to-find exhaust pieces. Is anyone reproducing these or does anyone have one they could part with. I will buy in any condition. At least then I would have a pattern to replicate it. 810-691-6352