1. gwoods27

    TrailHorse clutch brake wanted

    Looking for this “TrailHorse” clutch brake See attached pic
  2. gwoods27

    WTB Trail Horse full suspension frame

    Looking for a Trail Horse full suspension roller or full minibike.
  3. Trail Horse

    Trail Horse

    Trail Horse clutch guard
  4. J

    1" clutch for 4 horse tecumseh

    I'm looking for a 1" clutch with a 35 chain that will work with a 4 horse tecumseh engine, does anybody have any information on where I maybe able to find one?
  5. B

    NOS 1970s Scrambler Horse

    I recently picked up a 70s scrambler horse that is brand new in the original crate, it never been opened or put together. I can't really find any photos of one like it on the internet. It has a yellow tank. Any info and value of it would be appreciated, Thank You.
  6. james ackerman

    Wtb trail horse fenders or fitable fenders.

    Looking for a set of fenders for a trail horse any condition ok as long as they are not roaches, or if anyone knows of a fenders that will mount up to the brackets for the fenders.
  7. trinik7597

    Trail horse build ( the shocker )

    Been wanting to do an external shock model for a while now ... Picked this bike up last year at winber from clutchkiller .. going to build it for a very good friend of mine . Should be fun !! Grabbed the big rear sebacs from Carplaylb a while back and the smaller front ones from notsomini over...
  8. owend

    Need Trail Horse parts

    Needing a brake support bracket left or right for a mag wheel. Looking for a friend of mine. You can email him @ Thanks!
  9. trinik7597

    Trail horse Sprocket

    ISO a trail horse Sprocket for mag wheel .. doesn't have to be nos !! Just a good usable Sprocket
  10. D

    Trail horse swing arm

    I'm in need of a trail horse swing arm. If anybody can help me out i would appreciate it very much.
  11. smudvapor

    Trail Horse Foot Peg

    I am in need of a foot peg for a Trail Horse. It is for one of my students build off bikes. They pulled all of the parts of and inventoried them but didn't realize that one of the foot pegs was an incorrect aftermarket one. Thanks.
  12. Eliminator

    Original Trail Horse GTO 950

    Original Trail Horse which I believe is a model GTO 950 made by General Appliance of Nebraska.. Has the original HS40 4 hp Tecumseh with lighting coil. Engine has spark but will require typical fuel system and tank cleaning and once over. Jack shaft, rear band brake, mag wheels, fenders, side...
  13. bikesisbikes

    My Trail Horse

    I have been stripping my Trail Horse for a rebuild. This weekend is paint. No where on the bike is the words, Trail Horse. But, riveted on the front panel was this little gem. Is this possibly one that was built for JC Penney, Sears, etc.?
  14. hotrodricky

    Trail horse fenders

    I have a pair of decent Trail Horse fenders, one fender has a small repair in the usual spot. $60 plus $13 shipping. Email me for pics.
  15. smudvapor

    Trail Horse Clutch Guard

    My students are looking for a Trail Horse clutch guard or template so we can fabricate one. If you know of one or anyone who may be making them I would appreciate it.
  16. W

    looking for info on a minico trail jet tank badge says "scrambler horse"

    Hi folks, I'm new to the mini bike world but was looking at a scrambler horse today that looks like a copy of a 50 mini trail. It has a tecumseh 4 stroke, a jack shaft but is missing parts as well (clutch cover, lights and one tank badge) After spending a hr or so looking at old posts on this...
  17. B

    Trail horse clutch guard decals and slots.

    I found as close as I can get to the original trail horse clutch guard. I want to cut the horizontal slots into it and find the decals. Can some one make a paper template of the slots for me? This will be going on my Gto1200 build off bike. Also if anyone has good pictures and dimensions of the...
  18. Trail horse seat

    Trail horse seat

    Trail horse
  19. Trail horse seat

    Trail horse seat

    Trail horse
  20. bikebudy

    Trail Horse Minibike Sprocket Adapter

    E-bay # 222276123836