1. Not so mini bike

    Gem straight shot intakes

    One is for a h25/35 engine One is for slant hs40 $60 each shipped
  2. JohnnyTillotson

    HS40 / HS50 intakes

    Gonna be hitting some HS40/50's ive been stock piling and none have intake manifolds on them. But ive been picking those up too. I just want to confirm the one on the left is the HS50 and the right is HS40. Also, if so, of these two HS40 intakes, is there any advantage the shorter or...
  3. JohnnyTillotson

    Angled intakes

    Ok so I was doing some inventory and I've got a running engine lined up for every bike currently in stock. What I just realized is I will be needing quite a few angled intakes fo HS40 and HS50 engines. Can't believe I overlooked this but almost all the bikes I have left to get going have...
  4. O

    Where to buy slant intake for tecumseh? bird nighthawk project

    Where do you guys find those slanted intakes for bikes like bird nighthawk or rupps?
  5. O

    Tillotson Carburetors and intakes

    Lots of good used tilly carbs and intakes. Built and setup to your engine starting at $100. New fully built and blueprinted carbs also available. send message with what carb your wanting or engine specs and I can tell you what will work best.
  6. florida4x4s

    Any aftermrket air intakes for old briggs 5hp?

    Hi , guys. Just wondering if there are any available aftermarket air intake / filters for this motor? Also is this motor referred to as a .... " flat top B&S " ?? Thanks in advance.
  7. 125ccCrazy

    need a few aluminum Tillotson intakes for Briggs FH

    need to be in good shape
  8. 125ccCrazy

    Wanted: Briggs flat head tilly intakes

    I can use two if I can get them...butttt they need to have the bigger flange on the carb side with approx 3/16-1/4" of material above and below the bolt holes on the carb flange...... opening on the carb side needs to be approx 26mm / 1"
  9. JamnJM

    Billet intakes for Tiily & Mikuni carbs:

    On some thread in here I posted that there was only 1x billet intake for tilly & Mikuni's.....I'm eating my words now: Tilly on the left and Mikuni on the right: Down the Mikuni intake: Down the Tilly intake: Both:
  10. 6

    Angled intakes needed

    I need an angled intake for a Fox Doodlebug (4hp), and a Bird Terra Torque (5hp). Please PM me your price shipped to 60659. Thanks!
  11. B

    billet rods,tillotson carbs, headers, cams, flywheels, blocks, intakes

    well guys im on a cleaning spree agian and need to get rid of some stuff. Flathead bushing block, .030 over 1.250 intake valve 1.125 exhaust ported and decked trued, new stainless valves and single angle valve job, port matched tillotson...
  12. mybiz

    Anyone got a couple of intakes 4 sale??

    2 would get me buy for now:thumbsup:
  13. johnsonlb88


    iv got like a $20 budget and a clone engine i was thinkin of doin a cold air intake like on cars with some dryer tubing my plan was to hose clamp the tubing where the intake is and run the dryer tubing to point toward the handlebars and have it run to the front of the bike so the air is not...